Mining Economics

Mining Economics

Mining economics is a fundamental key to investment decisions, project financing, and dispute resolution. We’ve been successfully delivering financial modelling and economic evaluation services for many years and for projects all over the world - covering every stage of the mining lifecycle. Our comprehensive mining project financial models meet international best practice and are acceptable to both institutional and private investors.

We help our clients to improve projects performance through detailed project valuation from exploration to production, through costs assessment from scoping to pre-feasibility and feasibility studies, by identifying key risks and modelling using Oracle® Crystal Ball software, through sensitivity analysis and by alternative scenarios valuation.

We use discounted cash flow (DCF) analysis which is broadly accepted within the mining industry as representing the economic value of a project after allowing for the cost of capital invested.  All DCF models are based on our mine designs and production schedules prepared with respect to historical performance.

We can also carry out valuation on exploration-stage projects using appraised value method (“cost approach”) and comparable transactions (“market approach”) – although please note that these valuation techniques are not compliant with latest guidelines of the JORC Code 2012.


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