By their very nature applications for mineral development can often be complicated and controversial giving rise to conflicting planning demands. EIA can play a vital part in your decision-making and planning application process – giving clear information about a project and its effects both to regulatory authorities and stakeholders. Rigorously applied and integrated with site selection and design, it can bring an early understanding of the possible effects on the environment of any planned project. This in turn means that mitigation measures can be identified and taken at the earliest possible stage, potentially streamlining the project programme, easing the application process, and saving money as well as reducing environmental effects.

We can bring you the most comprehensive EIA skill set you will need for any mineral or mining project - from baseline environmental and social studies including.  You can be sure of an integrated and complementary approach to the collection of environmental information, the assessment of environmental effects and the identification of appropriate mitigation strategies. Every EIA we undertake is tightly managed to be as cost-effective as possible for the project.

Our experienced teams of mineral EIA Co-ordinators are skilled in the evaluation and design of impact mitigation measures that are aimed at reducing environmental impacts of any facility. 


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Principal EIA Co-ordinator
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Regional Director
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