Mineral and Waste Valuations

Mineral and Waste Valuations

Valuations are required for many reasons – sale, purchase, taxation, financial statements or to determine the value of security for a loan. While the valuations of mineral and waste interests are carried out under the same professional guidance as the valuation of other property, the unique combination of a wasting asset and the likely absence of market comparables calls for a specialist approach. 

You can count on our strength in this specialist area - drawing on our lease management experience and expertise in the other related disciplines needed to determine the value of a mineral or waste management site.

Value is usually determined by reference to the property’s potential to generate income, either for the operator or an investor owner. And although a property with a large mineral reserve should logically command a greater value than a site nearer depletion (whatever the past income), there are many other factors to take into account. Our mineral experts will weigh geological, planning and market considerations before providing a statement of value in a form compliant with the RICS valuation standards observed by Registered Valuers.


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