Mine Lifecycle, Closure and Restoration

Mine Lifecycle, Closure and Restoration

The end of a mine’s life should mean a change in land use, not an end to its usefulness and the abandoning of its communities. Working closely with local communities and other stakeholders, we can help you by providing environmental and social management services and strategies for implementation throughout the mining lifecycle, from initial licence applications to post-closure, restoration and aftercare. Drawing on deep understanding of leading practice from our involvement in some of the most creative closure and regeneration projects around the world, we focus on ecological integrity, ecosystem services, post-mining land-use and long-term community viability.

We’re experienced in meeting the expectations of good international industry practice as required by the International Finance Corporation’s performance standards and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, as well as targeted mine closure guidance provided by the International Council on Mining and Metals and others.

Our specialist mine closure expertise includes investigation, design and supervision for addressing issues around public health and safety, land stability, contaminated land and water, ecological restoration, landscape design, restoration, aftercare, community and stakeholder consultation and capacity-building, cultural heritage, mine closure planning and management including detailed cost estimation and provisioning, and assessing alternative energy and climate change opportunities on mine sites.



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