Maltby Colliery – England Maltby Colliery – England Maltby Colliery – England

Maltby Colliery – England

Owned by Hargreaves, Maltby Colliery in Yorkshire produces a mix of coking and thermal coal for the local market. When a sudden outburst of gas, oil and water stopped the development of a new production panel – including high benzene levels – there were concerns over the risk of similar further incidents during the development and possible threats to safety during face production. We were called in to investigate the origin of the outbursts and to give advice to help Hargreaves make an informed judgement on the future of the mine.

Our experienced mining and geotechnical engineers – together with our expert in methane formation and capture - visited the site to gather detailed information and evaluate the problem. We looked at the geological structures to establish where the outburst had originated and its path to the developing area.

We gave advice on preventing further outbursts during development, and on whether the conditions could be contained if the face was worked as planned. Having established the origins of the oil, water and gas, we concluded that although there were risks involved, the face could be worked so long as the right precautions were taken.