Lydian International – Armenia Lydian International – Armenia Lydian International – Armenia

Lydian International – Armenia

Exploration company Lydian International are developing a gold resource on Amulsar Mountain in Armenia. With global investment secured from the IFC and EBRD, they need to make certain that the gold mining project adheres to IFC performance standards.

We’ve managed their ESIA process, coordinating consultants across multiple time zones in USA, UK, Armenia and Australia. We issued terms of references for specialist studies and carried out quality assurance reviews to ensure that specialist studies and management plans met the necessary standards. We developed a GIS database and analysed spatial data to support the impact assessment process. On the ground we provided guidance on stakeholder engagement, and helped in identifying and consulting with vulnerable parties. We provided training in the correct use of noise monitoring equipment, and helped with baseline noise and air quality data collection.

The ESIA report is currently undergoing EBRD and IFC review. Some aspects will need to be revised to accommodate a change in location of a major item of infrastructure, but we’re confident that investors will continue to be satisfied that the document meets expectations.