Low Carbon Energy Strategies

Low Carbon Energy Strategies

With spiralling energy costs, diminishing fossil fuel resources and the increasing effects of climate change, we are moving towards a low carbon economy - minimising consumption, increasing efficiency and generating more from sustainable resources. It’ll take an integrated approach that makes best use of all technologies. So what role do low carbon strategies have to play?

Developed for individual businesses, local communities, districts, cities, counties or regions, low carbon strategies can used to support investment opportunities or specific planning proposals. Three stages are normally involved: an initial assessment (current emissions, energy consumption and local sustainable resources), an exploration of scenarios, opportunities and renewable and low carbon options, and the identification of aims and actions with a plan for implementing, monitoring and reporting on a low carbon roadmap.

You can count on our strong track record in this area - providing a robust evidence base to underpin local development frameworks, and helping to develop core strategies and policies for renewable and low carbon development through to examination in public.



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