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National Grid Gas - CPO of land for gas pipeline National Grid Gas - CPO of land for gas pipeline

National Grid Gas - CPO of land for gas pipeline

When National Grid Gas were identifying the route of a proposed new gas pipeline to transport liquefied natural gas from Milford Haven to Gloucestershire, they were finding it difficult to secure easement agreements with several landowners. One site in particular involved the potential sterilisation of coal resources. The pipeline route crossed a former colliery rail siding containing made ground believed to contain coal deposits and seams that could potentially be removed by opencast methods.


We were instructed to assess the quantity and quality of the potential coal content of the colliery spoil. We carried out ground investigations to obtain samples of spoil, and analysed them under laboratory conditions. The results indicated the potential for spontaneous combustion. Following our advice, National Grid Gas decided to lay the pipe tens of metres below the surface in solid rock by directional drilling.


We gave evidence at a public inquiry to evaluate the claim for sterilisation of minerals and to highlight any ground condition constraints on the development of the land. This helped National Grid Gas to successfully obtain a compulsory purchase order for an easement to construct the pipeline.