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Weather radar horizon surveys Weather radar horizon surveys

Weather radar horizon surveys

As part of the development of two weather radars, we were commissioned to conduct detailed horizon surveys to assess existing features on the visible horizon.

On Holehead, a first pass horizon survey was undertaken at ground level to demonstrate the suitability of the site for the radar. During construction but prior to the installation of the radome, a complex and more detailed horizon survey was conducted from the actual position of the radar to provide accurate tracking information.

At Munduff Hill, a horizon survey was conducted using a scaffold tower to achieve results as close as practical to the final radar position. The horizon detail included a comprehensive visible horizon profile, individual wind turbine locations, major transmission masts, and other prominent features. The results were delivered in graphical, visual and tabular formats referenced to true, Ordnance Survey National Grid andmagnetic norths as the commission required.

A virtual reality model was developed using aerial photography to illustrate how the dome and its infrastructure would be sited so as to reduce its visual effect upon the surrounding countryside. This also assisted the planning authorities in visualising the radars in their contextual settings.

Wardell Armstrong supervised the construction tender and contractor appointment, construction supervision and carried out the role of CDM coordinator for both projects. The surveys provided detailed information to aid in the setup and processing of data from the radars.