Whitemoor Yard and Conington – Network Rail Whitemoor Yard and Conington – Network Rail

Whitemoor Yard and Conington – Network Rail

Since depot construction in 2004 of a new Local Distribution Centre (LDC) for the East of England, we have been responsible for the implementation and management of a ten year Biodiversity Management Plan at both the Whitemoor Yard site and a further mitigation site at Conington. Firstly, this aims to increase the floristic diversity of translocated acid grassland habitats and secondly, to increase the invertebrate fauna of the site. It also aims to conserve great crested newt populations within waterbodies and surrounding terrestrial habitats.

This was extended to Phase 2, arising from the construction of the National Track Recycling Centre at Whitemoor Yard. The Biodiversity Management Plan was extended to further mitigation areas at both Whitemoor and Conington.

This management regime is agreed in detail between Network Rail, Wardell Armstrong and ecological stakeholders including Natural England, the Wildlife Trust and Cambridgeshire County Council at annual Ecological Liaison Group meetings. The regime is implemented through a landscape maintenance contract that we administered on behalf of Network Rail.

Significant biodiversity gains are being made on this site to the satisfaction of ecological stakeholders. This has been achieved through our pro-active approach to management of habitats and extensive consultation and engagement of stakeholders.