Middleton South Middleton South Middleton South

Middleton South

We were successfully appointed by HCA through a mini competition to provide Broughton and Milton Keynes Borough Council with an area of passive recreation in the form of meadows, orchard, paddocks and community allotments.

The land was a former clay capped landfill and presented a number of issues in particular soil quality and drainage. Natural scrapes were created to drain the wetter aspects of the site and provided important habitats for Great Crested Newts with refugia piles within the meadow to increase biodiversity.

Two paddocks were designed for the north of the site with the remainder of the site provided for community use. The meadow was interseeded with meadow mix and mown footpaths provided an informal network for passive recreation. A community allotment and orchard provided an important and popular community facility. Imported topsoil was recycled from a nearby housing development as the existing substrate was not suitable for allotment use. Orchard species were locally significant species tolerant of the ground conditions and included pear, apple, cherry and damson.