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Lydian - Amulsar

Lydian International is a mineral exploration and development company with expertise in discovering and developing new gold projects in unfamiliar and frontier settings. The Amulsar Project covers a region of epithermal-type gold mineralisation in Southern Armenia, discovered by Lydian in 2006. Still open in all directions including depth, it has a two year construction period with full production estimated for 2016.
We used our extensive experience in assessing international mining prospects to develop a comprehensive database of environmental and social factors. This suite of information was clearly referenced to background mapping, with spatial data derived from in-country inspections and surveys coupled with satellite-borne remote sensing technology and GIS techniques. This provided a dynamic reference model throughout the development of the project including the feasibility studies to support detailed mine design and infrastructure networks. We used GIS as an integral component of the ESIA process, with specific applications project visualisation and assessment of land use, soils and vegetation mapping. 
We worked with Lydian and Golder Associates UK Limited to successfully compile the ESIA to international standards. The information was used to submit three national EIAs (or ShMags) to gain consent for various elements of the mining operations.