Mining Geotechnics

Mining Geotechnics

As the scale of open pit and underground mining increases – sometimes with both methods used simultaneously – it’s more critical than ever that the entire spectrum of geotechnical risks are investigated and quantified. The integration of all geological, structural, hydrogeological and geotechnical risk parameters into geotechnical design influences the mining method that’s used, and related design parameters such as overall slope angle for open pit optimisation or the maximum stable span of an underground excavation.

Our integrated approach allows all geotechnical risks to be understood, quantified, mitigated as early and as accurately as possible - from exploration through to mine design and operations.

Our experts in this area can help you by specifying site investigation programmes to provide ground characterisation and rock mass characterisation for mining method selection and mine design using empirical methodologies and a range of analysis tools – giving you added confidence that your designs will be practical, optimised, and able to withstand the risks of the geological environment. We can also provide geotechnical assessment and design for foundation design, heap leach pad, waste tip and tailing dam design.


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