From quarry to nature reserve From quarry to nature reserve

From quarry to nature reserve

1.8 million tonnes of high quality wet sand and gravel is to be extracted  from a site to the west of Queen Mary Reservoir near Manor Farm in Laleham, Surrey. It then will be transported by mineral conveyor to a processing plant at Queen Mary Quarry for processing, bagging and matching. But the extraction area is surrounded on all sides by residential properties. And to reach the processing plant, the mineral conveyor would have to cross beneath a public highway, a public footpath and a lake.

We carried out the EIA for the site including baseline environmental assessments for hydrology and hydrogeology, flood risk assessment, landscape and visual impact, archaeology and cultural heritage, noise, air quality, ecology and nature conservation, land use and soils, and traffic and transport. We helped to design into the scheme the necessary stand-offs from extraction operations, acoustic bunds, tunnels beneath the footpath and highway, and a causeway across the lake. We also thought through the extensive landscape restoration and design work needed to restore the site after extraction to landscaped lakes and a nature reserve for local education.