Expert Witness

Expert Witness

In these litigious times, it’s all too common for companies or individuals to find themselves involved in legal proceedings. If that happens to you, it’s critical to have the right experts on your side to help with court or arbitration hearings.

As a multi-disciplinary consultancy, we can provide experienced people to act as expert witnesses across a wide variety of technical and geographical areas. These range from geological, resources, mining, geotechnical, metallurgical, environmental and social issues to valuations - often the root cause of many disputes.

Our breadth of global knowledge has been gained through our work over many decades on widely varying projects and at all stages of the mining cycle. We’ve acted as expert witness to represent companies who have had their assets expropriated or undersold (Uzbekistan and Peru), to provide independent valuations (Kazakhstan), and to provide opinion on technical issues across many different aspects of mining operations (India and UK). Wherever the jurisdiction and whatever the commodity issue, our experts are well placed to help with your legal needs.


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