Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Environmental and Social Impact Assessment

Most jurisdictions around the world require an ESIA for mining projects before authorisation is granted. We produce ESIAs across all commodities throughout the world – in line with international best practice standards including Equator Principles, World Bank and IFC but also taking care to meet local requirements. We can help you to minimise any negative impacts while also identifying positive opportunities and outcomes – to meet your corporate social responsibility objectives and gain your social licence to operate as well as the environmental permits issued by governments.

Our teams of environmental and social specialists are ideally placed to help you through all the stages of an ESIA, from screening, scoping, baseline collection and impact assessment to stakeholder engagement and consultation. Our specialised capabilities include reviewing existing environmental and social baseline programmes, developing terms of reference for further research, supervising baseline data collection processes and managing in-country contractors, technical advice and assistance, ESIA project management and reporting.

We can also help you develop a full range of management and action plans including environmental, health and safety, community development, stakeholder engagement and closure plans to ensure continued compliance throughout the lifecycle of your project.


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