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Unconventional Gases

Whether it’s coal bed methane, coal mine methane, underground coal gasification or shale gas, all these energy sources and technologies have their own specific issues. But they also have many things in common – especially their perceived environmental impacts. And partly because of heightened awareness of shale gas and associated “fracking” controversies, they’re all being affected by increased public concern and opposition.

Yet most of this is at best ill-informed and at worst completely incorrect. Fracking has become a dirty word synonymous with shale gas, even though it’s a technology that’s been used for decades in many industries. The industry needs to publicise the facts as much as possible – while also making sure that everything it does is to the highest standards, with full public consultation and information.

That’s where we can help. We have the skills, resources and independence either to evaluate particular geological, environmental or planning issues, or to help dispel some of the public concerns. Our expertise in the “sub-surface” (geology, hydrogeology, coal quality and mining) and how it interacts with the surface environment (baseline monitoring, ground gases, EIA, planning applications and regulatory advice) makes us almost uniquely placed to provide expert, fully confidential advice in these complex areas.


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