Coal Bed Methane

Coal Bed Methane

Coal bed methane involves the extraction of methane from undisturbed in-situ coal deposits, by means of vertical and directional drilling. But evaluating the potential resource is complex - depending mainly on the gas content of the coal seam and surrounding strata, and the natural fracture permeability of the coal. There are also environmental challenges, particularly around groundwater and related water management.
We can help clients with an involvement in CBM on a host of fronts including:


• Planning • Geological Interpretation
• Assistance with PEDL applications • Coal Quality analysis
• Environmental Impact • Resource assessment
• Environmental Protection • Geotechnical considerations
• Baseline Monitoring • Civil engineering design
• Groundwater modelling • Construction supervision
• Waste water management • Waste management


You can also call on our similar specialist expertise and experience in coal mine methane, abandoned mine methane and ventilation air methane.

Whatever your requirements, we are happy to act either as a member of your in-house team or as stand-alone technical advisors.



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