Due diligence – far east Russia Due diligence – far east Russia

Due diligence – far east Russia

Due diligence informs investors and banks on potential environmental, social and health and safety risks associated with a project. This enables our clients to make informed decisions on their investments. We carried out due diligence for the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to assess environmental and social risks, develop corporate and site level environmental and social action plans, and deliver a stakeholder engagement plan.

This project was situated in an area which was home to many indigenous communities. There was also a need to consider sensitive biodiversity issues, including Pacific salmon stocks. Fishing in the area was contentious, with declining fish stocks. This was naturally causing concern to local people and NGOs.

We advised the client on how to address stakeholder concerns relating to salmon stocks, outlining the need to establish participatory monitoring programmes. We also identified key project risks for EBRD, including other sensitive biodiversity challenges and potential impacts on people and the ecosystem in the area