Due Diligence

Due Diligence

Buying or selling minerals and waste management properties can be full of uncertainty. Are you sure that the subject property is as described within the sales particulars? Are there points of concern with the leases or planning permissions? Can you be sure you have the right to sell the subject mineral if the land is already subject to historic mineral reservations?

You can rely on our expertise in due diligence – built through our long association with mineral and waste sites and the problems and uncertainties that can arise. We can significantly reduce the risk of costly disputes arising from potential claims of misrepresentation, or preventing the subject property being used for the purpose for which it was bought. 

Working alongside your legal advisers, our mineral surveyors can advise on the technical issues that can arise from a sale or purchase. We can also give a view on whether a particular statement is reasonable where no definitive answer is available.


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