Drop Weight Tester

Drop Weight Tester

In late 2013, we expanded our testing capability with the introduction of a state of the art physical testing laboratory.  The facility is the largest of its kind in Europe, further adding to our metallurgical and consultancy capability.

To complement the extensive physical testing capability, we purchased a JK Drop Weight Tester, used to undertake Semi Autogenous Grinding (SAG) mill tests and SAG Mill Comminution (SMC) testing.

The tester comprises a drop-weight which can be raised by an air cylinder to a known height. When released, the weight falls under gravity on to a rock particle resting on a steel anvil. The key measurement used in the drop-weight test is the specific input energy (as determined from the mass of the drop-weight and rock particle and the height from which the drop weight falls). During testing, the release height and drop-weight mass is varied allowing a wide range of input energy levels to be generated.

Broken products from various sets of particles are individually sized and the results reported together with the energies applied. This information is sufficient to provide the model parameters which reflect the impact resistance (rock strength) of the ore under test. 

The tester can also be used to undertake SMC tests, which are commonly used to profile an orebody to predict its comminution circuit throughput and blasting properties.  This is a cost effective method allowing our clients to gather detailed knowledge of the comminution aspects of an ore body, even at the early stages of project development.