Cyanide transportation - Mauritania Cyanide transportation - Mauritania Cyanide transportation - Mauritania

Cyanide transportation - Mauritania

Part of the A.P. Moller - DamcoMaersk Group, Damco is a global logistics company managing and serving some of the most advanced supply chains in the world. Aiming to make sure that cyanide  would always  be transported with  due  regard  for its  potential toxicity, they asked us to carry out a formal cyanide  transportation audit  of their  subcontracted road  haulage company  in Mauritania, West  Africa.

Following the principles of the International Cyanide Management Code, our audit also took account of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code and the European Agreement for the carriage of dangerous goods. Covering transport, interim storage and emergency response, it tracked the process from the off-loading of shipping containers at Nouakchott port through to port storage, road transportation and off-loading at the mine site in the Sahara Desert. 

The audit   was   used   successfully   by the   road   haulage company   to show safe management procedures and gain on-going contracts for cyanide transportation. We helped them develop emergency response procedures, a documented maintenance programme, and training and selection criteria   for HGV drivers. Improvements were also made to the port authority process for organising cargo release papers, and to the storage of dangerous goods - with a designated storage area and segregation of incompatible dangerous material.