Contract Management

Contract Management

What form of contract should I use? How do I guarantee my requirements are met? What do I do if things go wrong? Do I sign? Do I not sign? Most construction projects involve questions and concerns like these.

Rather than seeing contracts as a worry – or something that sits on the shelf and is only dusted off when things go wrong – we see them as a key enabler for successful projects. They’re there to avoid disputes by making sure that all sides understand their responsibilities and obligations – with the risks mitigated by the party who has the most control.

We can help you through the production, implementation, execution and close out of the contract that’s right for you – examining and advising on any bespoke clauses and specific contractual risks. Whatever form is used (e.g.NEC - ICE, JCT, GC Works), we can make sure that the right form is selected with the right bespoke clause so required to make it your contract. And we’ll help you manage it so that your project is effectively delivered, and that you deliver effectively.


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