Construction Support

Construction Support

How can you be sure that your project is being delivered correctly? How do you know that you’re getting what you’ve asked for and what you need? We can help to make sure that you are, right throughout the construction process, so that every aspect of your project is monitored against the agreed specification and functionality within the defined cost and technical constraints.

We can supervise construction directly, or certify key elements independently. We can support you in the valuation of work on site and make sure that the right monies are paid at the right time, in line with the contract.

By providing or checking temporary works design, we can help you make sure that construction works are carried out in a safe, compliant and cost-effective way. Any issues that arise due to unforeseen conditions or changing sequences can be evaluated and acted on. And by promptly inspecting and certifying the works we can enable prompt payment or resolution of any issues, helping to ensure the overall success of your project.


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