Construction Quality Assurance

Construction Quality Assurance

How do you demonstrate that your design and facility meet the requirements of your design/specification/licence? How can you prove that you've successfully met all the technical specifications? We're experienced in working with clients, contractors and regulators to provide a high level of confidence in facility performance.

Through a robust quality management programme that's effectively implemented - and by auditing suppliers, checking quality systems, site inspection and testing - we'll make sure that both your own requirements and those of relevant regulators and funders are fully met and effectively demonstrated, with the independent third party certification on materials and workmanship required by the regulating bodies.

You can rely on our ability and integrity - as do organisations such as the Environment Agency who use our documentation to show that operators have met their permit requirements. Starting this process early will identify the key steps that are needed and enable the efficient production of facility quality records - one of the cornerstone documents in the certification and long term management of facilities.


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