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Co-op AD plants

Co-op AD plants

Enhancing a well established commitment to sustainability, the Co-operative are developing AD facilities across their UK dairy farm estate. Farms in Leicestershire and Wiltshire will be the first two sites. Fed on a mixture of maize crop and dairy manure, they’ll be capable of producing up to 2MW of renewable electricity to power the farms with a surplus available for export to the national grid. But both are situated in sensitive, rural locations with important ecological receptors that need to be protected and residential properties nearby. The Co-op needed expert advice to navigate their way through the planning process and gain consents.

We recognised that early, sustained dialogue with the local planning authorities and stakeholders including the Environment Agency would be key to success. Agreeing the extent of the environmental assessments would be especially important in building trust and making sure that the designs of the facilities were developed to fully address all concerns.

Addressing the whole range of environmental assessments in-house, we were able to secure the planning consents for the two facilities within four months from start to finish – paving the way for the Co-op to make their contribution to green energy supply. Our next steps are to secure the environmental permits and prepare the detailed engineering contracts for construction.