Mine Lifecycle, Closure and Restoration

Mine Lifecycle, Closure and Restoration

Mineral extraction is a temporary use of land and at the end of mineral operations it is essential that the site is properly restored to a form suitable for the landowner, and to avoid subsequent liabilities and legacy issues.

The end use of a site should be considered at a projects initialisation and incorporated into project planning and design form the outset. This is particularly important for a landowner and public authorities when considering the provisions for financial security to ensure that a site is returned to beneficial use either on completion of extraction, or if the operator defaults at any time during the life of the project.

At the concept and planning stages we advise on strategies to maximise beneficial afteruse that drives value on a number of levels. This may result in a return to its original use, but can also provide an opportunity for alternative beneficial uses through environmental, agricultural, community or other forms of development. The methods of securing a satisfactory end use should also be considered at the early stages of planning.

Using our extensive expertise in all aspects of mineral operations and valuation, we are able to advise on the type, structure and amount of financial provision that should be considered to secure restoration. This is often referred to as ‘Bonding’ and takes the form of financial securities such as Insurance Bond, Financial Guarantee Agreements, and Escrow Accounts.

In addition to advising on end of life financial security, it is imperative that progress is monitored against the agreed operational program in order that we can advise on variations that may be required to ensure adequate security through the project life. We can also provide guidance on restoration alternatives if financial guarantees are insufficient to cover the costs of the planned restoration schemes.




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