Climate Change Risk Management

Climate Change Risk Management

Climate change and global warming have both been identified as some of the biggest threats to society and our environment. Although there are still a few sceptics, the vast majority of climate scientists acknowledge its reality. The only argument is how severe it will be and in what timeframe. It could have profound effects on our weather, water and energy supplies, agriculture, industry, tourism, international relations and social frameworks. Its effects won’t be uniform. Some regions - and some businesses - will be more impacted than others.  

How will you cope? Drawing on our extensive experience and expertise is a good start. We can help you understand the risks to your businesses and lifestyles as a first step to deciding the right adaptation and mitigation strategies to lower the threats and impacts.

Our multi-disciplinary services include climate change risk assessments and management as well as resilience and adaptation strategy development. These include the assessment and management of sea level rise, storm surges and flooding to urban, rural and coastal areas. We aim to not only mitigate the threats of climate change but also to produce positive gains, developing strategies which will capitalise on its effects.


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