CHP and District Heating

CHP and District Heating

Combined heat and power is a system of using energy in a more efficient way. It can be used with any form of power generation that generates surplus heat energy as a by-product. Its versatility means it could be suitable for gas or steam turbines and/or gas engines, regardless of what they’re fuelled by. Districting heating schemes can be used cost-effectively by a wide range of end users who are close to a large heat source. But what technology best fits your development? What are the pitfalls and costs? What subsidies are available to maximise profitability?

We’ve worked on CHP and district heating schemes across the UK - including a proposed biomass CHP plant for generating power while at the same time supplying heat to an industrial mineral processing plant. We’ve also developed a major district heating proposal for a south west city.

Drawing on this proven track record and experience, our specialists will bring together expertise in feasibility, design, economic viability, environmental impact assessment, planning, permitting, ground and civil engineering to help you develop an effective CHP system.


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