Biomass has been used for thousands of years. Today, with ambitious government targets worldwide to reduce carbon emissions and increase the proportion of renewable energy, its use as a sustainable resource is expected to climb rapidly. So how can you best take advantage of biomass as a proven, reliable, low carbon and cost-effective source of both electricity and heat, produced from a myriad of locally and internationally sourced sustainable fuels?

Whether you’re involved in a multi-megawatt biomass CHP system or a small scale building integrated project, we can help. Drawing on our experience of working on a range of widely varying projects, we can identify your risks and opportunities, help shape your plans and guide your project through every stage of development.

From identifying the local biomass resource, selecting the appropriate technology and making financial assessments to producing all aspects of a full EIA planning application, public consultation and civil engineering design works at the construction stage, we can help you make the best possible decisions throughout.


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