Post Brexit Ecology Update

Post Brexit Ecology Update

Wardell Armstrong have been monitoring the implications of the Brexit vote for our clients, especially those which are developers and landowners. In our previous update we provided our view that in terms of wildlife legislation, essentially there would be no change, and that the current legislative instruments would continue to apply; at least until the negotiations for the UK’s split from the EU were progressed. Since then, various stakeholders have supplied position statements on how they would like to see the legislative framework evolve in post Brexit UK. One of the most influential groups is the Chartered Institute for Ecology and Environmental Management (CIEEM). CIEEM have just released their own position statement. Relevant extracts are provided below:

CIEEM would like to see enabling legislation that will continue EU environmental legislation post Brexit. This will provide the opportunity and time to then improve and enhance the legislation and its implementation over a longer time period, and at the same time alleviate pressure on governments and statutory agencies.

The immediate short-term focus should be on ensuring that each UK nation has in place a clear and ambitious integrated vision for its biodiversity and natural environment, which can then be used to determine what legislation is needed to deliver that vision.

CIEEM would therefore like to see enabling legislation that will continue EU legislation post Brexit, which could be achieved by adopting current EU natural environment legislation.

This means that CIEEM believe that the current legal framework should remain in place for as long as possible, this is desirable as any knee jerk changes in law often have confusing and profound implications for developers. We shall continue to monitor CIEEM and other stakeholders and provide updates through the course of Brexit negotiations. The full CIEEM Position Statement can be found by clicking here.


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