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Merchant Park Construction

Merchant Park , delivered by Merchant Park Developments, is a 26 hectare mixed use development located at Aycliffe Business Park, near Newton Ayecliffte, County Durham and is home to the Hitachi Rail Europe’s train manufacturing facility , which opened in September 2015. In 2013, Wardell Armstrong was first involved with the project during its planning stage where we provide Air Quality, Noise and Flood Risk assessments to support the planning application. In 2014 we provided technical support for the Land Drainage Consent relating to the diversion, abandonment and new development discharge connections to the Demon's Beck and two unnamed onsite watercourses. Following the granting of planning permission Wardell Armstrong were appointed to provide Construction Quality Assurance supervision for the earthworks on behalf of the principle contactor Shepherd Construction.

The extensive earthworks were required to achieve a cut and fill construction formation platform for the Hitachi Rail Europe train assembly facility to a level with the nearby Darlington to Bishop Auckland railway line. One of the key elements of managing a construction is to control and treat wastewater that can occur from runoff becoming laden with sediment and the construction of the Merchant Park was no exception.

In order to manage and treat this sediment laden wastewater various measures were successfully taken to protect the water environment, which included:
• Clearing out of onsite drains and watercourses and creating new drainage channels to ensure that water flow was not interrupted and was conveyed to the treatment areas.
• Ceasing compaction works in wet weather
• Removing water in the construction area by a bower for treatment
• Using straw bales in drainage channels and watercourses to slow the flow of water to allow suspended sediment to settle
• Erecting a barrier to prevent clean runoff mixing with sediment laden wastewater and creating more wastewater and conversely protecting the wastewater from mixing with the clean water and causing pollution.