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Keighley Clean Energy Facility

Keighley Clean Energy Facility

The now-approved Keighley Clean Energy Facility, put forward by Endless Energy Ltd, comprises a pioneering three-pronged Energy from Waste scheme. It consists of a Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) power plant, a waste plastics process plant and a pyrolysis plant, and associated infrastructure, including an education/visitor centre. The scheme will generate electricity from commercial waste as well as convert waste plastic into diesel. Endless Energy engaged Wardell Armstrong to provide high-level planning advice and carry out a full EIA.

More than merely a planning obligation, the EIA process added real value to the iterative design process by facilitating mitigation measures to be incorporated into the design at the earliest possible stage. This enabled the project programme to be streamlined, money to be saved and the potential environmental impact to be reduced. For example, landscaping and colouring was used to limit visual impact, and the design was modified to ensure that the view of the stack from East Riddlesden Hall would be obscured by trees. In addition, air quality and emissions modelling prompted a number of design modifications and the introduction of mitigation measures. These, along with real-time monitoring will help to ensure that the facility will operate within the Environment Agency’s strict air quality requirements. The findings of the air quality and emissions modelling also informed design iterations to alleviate public concern of fire risk.

Wardell Armstrong also helped Endless Energy to discharge planning conditions through further site investigation, detailed drainage planning and design, landscape design and measures to ensure the effectiveness of the mitigation proposed, and is helping to prepare the environmental permit.

A spokesperson, on behalf of Endless Energy Ltd, commented that “the EIA has proved critical in mitigating environmental impact and helping to reassure people”, thus acknowledging the value and positive contribution that the EIA process made to the planning process.