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FCC Environment – Transfer Station, Amersham

FCC Environment – Transfer Station, Amersham

In order to fulfil its obligations under the Buckinghamshire Residual Waste Treatment Contract, FCC Environment proposed a Waste Transfer Station (WTS) in Amersham to facilitate the management of residual municipal and some commercial and industrial waste across Chiltern District Council and South Bucks District Council areas. The site lies within both the Green Belt and the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

A precedent had been set for refusal for a WTS on the same site in 2011. WA were commissioned to prepare and co-ordinate a revised application through the planning process. WA were responsible for the planning process and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), including preparation and submission of the Scoping Opinion Request, Public and Stakeholder Consultation, Planning Statement, Design and Access Statement and Environmental Statement. Very Special Circumstances to justify this development within in the Green Belt and an AONB were clearly presented within the Planning Statement. WA were also responsible for the project management and preparation of consultation responses. Late consultation responses were responded to expeditiously. WA acted as a nexus of information during the design iterations, ensuring that they were informed by consultee feedback and the EIA process, where appropriate.

WA’s thorough and fast-acting approach coupled with the commitment to produce quality documentation, along with an architect-led scheme, helped to play a key role in the application’s approval by planning committee in May 2015.