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Welcome To Wardell Armstrong

"No external shareholders. No big slow parent company. No vested interests. Just great people, independent creative thinking and a passion for helping clients"

"With 480 people Wardell Armstrong is well placed in terms of size. Large enough to have strength in depth with many experienced specialists working seamlessly together – but also small enough to be sure of giving close personal attention"

"We strive for excellence and to act fairly and ethically in everything we do".

"We are committed to helping our people achieve their ambitions and rewarding them not just on financial results but on how they help develop, grow and shape the business and how they interact with and support colleagues, clients, partners, regulators and the public".

"We put our people and clients at the centre of our business".

"We are committed to behaving ethically and contributing to economic development while improving the quality of life of our people and their families. We aim to play an active part in the communities within which we operate and society at large".

"We are committed to helping our clients achieve their ambitions, adding value to their investments and assets, contributing positively to their overall business objectives and having a positive impact on their standing in the area within which they operate".

"We aim to minimise our impact on the environment and continually improve our environmental performance in our own activities and in the advice we provide to our clients".

"We see limitless possibilities for the business and our people. We are passionate about continuing to grow our business and continuing to help our people and clients grow. In doing so we seek to increase the contribution we make to society and the environment".

"We are committed to operating in a manner that meets or exceeds the ethical, legal, commercial and public expectations that society has of business".

We are a multidisciplinary Engineering, Environmental and Mining consultancy with a history going back over 175 years and a reputation for high quality service, both in the UK and Internationally. Whether your project is under, on or above the ground, we can assemble the right team to provide you with the technical expertise and knowledge you need to help you make it a complete success.